Update from Thailand for 12/03/17

Dear Friends,

 The month of December has come so quickly. We have  had a lot done this week on the building at Hoisan. We have continued to harvest the coffee so that we can sell them to be able to finish up the road to the church. I am so thankful for how hardworking our people are helping out with not only spiritual labor but also with any physical work that we need done. This week at Nongloam there was 1 saved and 2 baptized.  For the total of the month, there were 7 visitors and 8 saved and 5 baptized at Nongloam. Hoisan had 2 saved and 2 baptized.
 We thank you all for your continued prayers and support for our work. Please continue to pray as we try and finish up a lot of things before our mission’s confernce in January. Also, please continue to pray for our workers including or young man Athit. Please pray that the Lord will give him wisdom as the church at Hoisan continues to grow under his care.

— Mrs.  Srichand Horn

And Nongloam Baptist Ministries