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The Lord has blessed Nongloam Baptist Church with a beautiful building where we are able to meet every week to worship

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Pastor Mike Norris of Franklin Road Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN


We are so thankful to Pastor Norris for helping oversee the work here now that Br. Horn is gone.
He has helped the work tremendously and though our men handle running the church we look to him for advice and guidance.





Church secretary with husband and daughter



Leader of the bus ministry

Piano player

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Meema                               Aya                           Gonawahn

Piano players in training



Visiting Preachers

We have been honored by many Men of God that have inspirited the people of the Nongloam Baptist Church.Here are a few of those that have taken their time to visit us on the field of Thailand.

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 Preacher boys  


YomSomnuek Govit Boy  


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We strive to involve everyone in the service in some way. The spirit of the congregation is great!




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We are always grateful for the chance to obey the great commission but it is an even greater joy when we have those willing to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism



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It is a blessing to see all the lives changed through the ministry here but there is no greater joy than when another soul is rescued, for that is our purpose for being here.



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The Bible commands that we make a joyful noise unto the Lord so we encourage and give a chance for everyone to sing in front of the church.



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One of the best ways for a church to grow is for them to spend time growing together. We never pass up the opportunity to do things as a church.

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After every Sunday morning service, we eat lunch together as a church family

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Soul Winning


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Every week some of the church members get to go out on Saturday to go soul winning.

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It is such a blessing to see those that we have been able to share the Gospel with go out and reach others

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