1.Arrival  2.Daily Devotions  3. Bible Memory  4.Music  5.Activities  6.Duties


It takes a lot to run a children’s home with an average of 90 plus kids and without the staff and interns it would be very difficult.


meema shorn DSC_1066-150x150


Girl’s dorm overseer

Mrs. Horn

Director of the

Children’s home ministry


Boy’s dorm overseer

     Mrs. Horn has been in charge of the children’s home from the very beginning.She has put so much into the work and into the lives of the children here. Two lives that she had a part in now stay to care for the new children. Meema is in charge of the girl’s dorm and Aya is in charge of the boy’s dorm. This job entails a lot as they watch the kids and teach them good behavior, make sure the kids learn the rules of the mission and follow them, keep the dorms clean and in order, making sure the kids have all they need, helping with laundry and sewing and much more.Once the kids graduate from sixth grade they no longer go to the local school but instead are taught here at the mission. Pan has taken on the task of teaching the home school kids and making sure they are able to get their GED. She also helps in the kitchen. Samnook helps with driving the van when the kids go out and also teaches the bible to the homeschoolers. Miss. Dominique Islas is a young lady from Wisconsin whom the Lord has led to come to help Mrs. Horn keep in contact with the churches and also to help with the children wherever needed.
 pan  11988419_598839813590284_8403293428822197_n somnuk


Home School Teacher

 Dominique Islas

Assistant and Secretary

for Mrs. Horn


Bus driver and

bible teacher for

home school students

  Arrival / Indoctrination

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5182514-1-e1410858305147-150x150 arrival
When the children arrive, they take a shower and their clothes are discarded There is the problem of lice and
this is the first time some of
these kids have had hair clippers used on them
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arrival2 IMG_6376-150x150
Once the children start to look the part, they begin to feel and act the part.

Daily Devotions

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DSC_0116-150x150 DSC_0124-150x150
We have the traditional Sunday and Wednesday church services but also enjoy devotions
all the other days of the week.

Bible Memorization

   IMG_1032   b_2-150x150
 IMG_6321-150x150  IMG_6342-150x150 IMG_1042
One of the greatest challenges that we face is to turn the heart of those who have never heard
of Jesus in a favorable way.Therefore we start the young people off on the right foot by scripture memorization.
The children memorize one chapter of the Bible each month and are rewarded accordingly


The kids start out young
learning to play an instrument for the church
The younger kids get
a chance to play specials or during the offering.
The older kids play during the church service.
 DSC_0750-150x150  sun26-2-150x150  Music_121-150x150
 DSC_0823-150x150  DSC_0654-150x150  
 P1280510-150x150  Music_021-150x150  
All the kids get a chance to sing in the church.


Most everything that we do for the children is new to them, and to watch their faces
light up with each new activity
 DSC_0684-150x150  a2-150x150  Chil_31-150x150
The youth center will bring
in a large number of young
people from the nearby towns.
This will enable us to
give them the gospel
 Every event that takes place
with the children is earned by
the individual child. Here the
kids enjoy a monkey show
 Acti4-150x133 DSC_0692-150x150  a5-150x150
 DSC_0695-150x150 DSC_0413-150x150 DSC_0683-150x150
 IMG_3818  IMG_3900 DSC_0288-001


There is a lot to do on the mission with over 100 people living here but everyone chips in to get the work done and keep things running smoothly.
It takes a lot of work to feed everyone but the girls take turns helping in the kitchen.
 Du_2  10609708_437861029688164_2637434214424973955_n-150x150  du5-150x150
 WebAugust-3-150x150  8-11-Agust-4-150x150  Dec1-3-150x150
There is plenty of laborious work to do but we thank the Lord for the chance to teach the children the benefits of hard work.
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