Bible Class

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Crown College


We are so very grateful to Crown College  for all the effort that has been put in helping start the Bible classes for the students here in Thailand. It has been Bro. Horn’s dream to be able to give the Christians in Thailand a chance to get a bible degree from a Fundamental Baptist Bible School, as there are none in Thailand. We have been praying for a long time and, although he is not here, we know that he would be so happy to see his dream become reality. We know that a lot of thoughts, prayers, and preparation were put into this. We thank you for all the work that you have done to make this become a reality. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless Crown College and that all will go well with the work that will be started in Thailand.

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After being in Bible school for almost 17 years, I was finally able to receive my Doctorate degree in May. I graduated from Crown College of the Bible.  I am so grateful to Dr. Sexton, Dr. John Stancil and his wife, and to all the members of the board who allowed me to receive my degree.

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The Lord has blessed in that He has allowed us to build a beautiful  building in which to train those that are called of the Lord to His service.
This building has four sections with each section having its own restroom. Each section is divided into three rooms in which we teach the students.

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The students are amazed that the Bible contains so much.

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 One of the greatest hindrances in starting new church work is the lack of preachers. Our prayer is that the Lord would allow us to start 10 churches each year. We have been placed in a strategic location.We border many countries that are in need of the Gospel of our Lord. Most of the people that we deal with have migrated in from these countries and affords a great opportunity to send some of them to reach their own people

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 danial banabus

Preacher boys

Boy Govit Somnuek Yom pb4 pb1


Christian Womanhood

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One of the greatest problems facing the preacher of today can
be his wife and her lack of dedication to the ministry,that they as a couple are called to.We are trying to produce women  who will be an asset to
their husband.

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This group of young ladies is preparing for in the
future of the Lords work.