Update from Thailand for 05/22/16

NL052216 (4)
Dear Friends, This week was the first week of a new school year for us here in Thailand. We thank you for your prayers for the children. The Lord has also blessed us with plenty of rain to make up for the children not being able to water or fruit trees which have lightened the load of the staff. On Saturday, there was a big turn out for soul winning. We are so thankful for our young people’s willingness to learn to share the gospel. On Sunday, we had 6 new visitors and 1  baptism.  We thank yo...

Update from Thailand for 05/15/16

Dear Friends, This week we has been a very eventful week for us here at Nongloam. All of the children have made it in this week, safe and sound, and we thank you all for your prayers for them. School will be starting tomorrow for the elementary students, 23rd for the high school students, and June 20th for the Bible students, so please pray that they will all be able to get back into the school routine.This year we have taken on 9 new children. We ask that you pray for them as they learn the ru...

Update from Thailand for 05/08/16

Dear Friends, We would like to wish all of the wonderful mothers a Happy Mothers Day. We hope that your day was special. On Wednesday night I left for the States and arrived safelyThursday afternoon. Thursday night our worker Ms. Dominique arrived safely back in Thailand. We thank you all for your prayers for safe travels. On Saturday the Bible students were able to see 3 saved and on Sunday there was 1 first time visitor and 1 baptized. We thank you all for your continued prayers and support....

Update from Thailand for 05/01/16

NL050116 (6)
Dear Friends, This week we made our way back to the mission and stopped by the village of our soul winning pastor’s family. While there, we were able to lead 5 to the Lord.Saturday our Bible students had 1 saved. Sunday there were 2 saved,   1 baptized,  and 3 first time visitors at the  Nongloam church.  We also had  Commuion for the first time since  Pastor Norris was here. For the month of April we had 6 visitors and 3 saved. We thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Please p...

Update from Thailand for 04/24/16

NL041716 (4)
Dear Friends, This week we have had a chance to go and visit the church at Roiet. During our time soul winning, there were 3 saved. On Sunday, there were 2 visitors and 4 saved. At Nongloam Baptist there were 6 first time visitors. We thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Please pray as I prepare to come home on the 4th of next month. Also, please pray for our Bible Students as they look over the ministry while I am gone. -Mrs. Srichand Horn And the Nongloam Baptist Ministrie...

Update from Thailand for 04/17/16

Dear Friends, It has been a fairly hot week for us here in Thailand. This week we had some of more of out Bible Students leave for the Roiet Church. We also have another team which went to Nakhon Sawan to help the church out there as their pastor is taking a trip to a mission conference in India.  On Sunday, there was 2 saved and 1 baptized at Roiet Baptist. We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support. Please pray for our soul winning pastor and his family who is helping out ...

Update from Thailand for 04/10/16

NL041016 (8)
Dear Friends,  We have returned safely from our Family conferences the beach. We thank the Lord for all the wonderful preaching and fellowship we heard from Pastor Sehmish and Pastor Lloyd. On Saturday, some of our Bible students were able to go out soul winning despite the high temperatures and had 5 people pray. On Sunday, we had 3 first time visitors and 3 baptized. The church has seemed a little empty with the children back at their homes but the Lord has blessed, as our church member atten...

Update from Family Conference

We are so grateful for the chance to host this Family Conference for all of the families in our ministry, some of our workers in the children’s home, church workers, and outreach church Pastors. We had a 3 day Conference at the beach. We arrivedMonday and started our meeting at 6:30 pm. During the day, everyone had a chance to go out and enjoy the beach and in the evenings we had preaching. We were blessed to have Pastor Sehmish and Pastor Lloyd come with their families from Australia to preach ...

Update from Thailand for 04/03/16

Dear Friends,  It is now the fourth month and the work here continues to grow. We had a total of 19 saved during soul winning and 1 saved at Nongloam last month. This week at Roiet 4 of the children who attend the English classes excepted the Jesus as their Saviour. Sadly they only attend the English classes during the week. Please pray as we try to get them to attend services on Sunday so that they might grow. At Nongloam, there was 5 saved while out soul winning and 7 saved and 2 baptized dur...

Update from Thailand for 03/27/16

Dear Friends,  Happy Easter to all of our supporters back at home. We are so thankful for the chance to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. This week our young men were able to attend a Youth Conference hosted by Br. Eddie Arrold. It was a wonderful experience for our young men as they heard great preaching and were even able to be a blessing by singing a special. On Sunday, we had a special first service in our chapel followed by an easter meal.There was 1 saved at Nongloam.  ...